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Standout Storytelling

How to be a Spellbinding Speaker
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What might be possible for you if you could quickly double your confidence and impact as a speaker?

Imagine these possibilities. You're at a networking event and people are flocking around you to hear what you have to say. You're presenting a proposal to a group of decision-makers who all lean in with interest during the heart of your presentation. You are giving a captivating presentation at a conference, your listeners hanging on your every word. Afterwards, audience members rush up to speak to you, eager to hire you, work with you, or see how soon you are available to speak at other events.

Now imagine all of this happening again and again over time. You soon become known as an inspirational role model in your organization or as a thought leader in your field, opening the door for you to impact hundreds or thousands of lives.

All of this can happen when you master storytelling.  When you can share a story that makes a deep personal connection with your target audience and delivers a key message that resonates with your listeners, your speaking performance will be spellbinding.

Standout Storytelling is a coaching program designed to guide you in developing, fine-tuning, and delivering that kind of story.

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Do you even have a standout story to share?

If you have a message that you are passionate about sharing, you surely have a standout story within you. Maybe you've already told this story in different forms and it hasn't had quite the impact that you would like. Or maybe you've felt that your story simply isn't interesting or remarkable enough to share. In either case, you have a diamond in the rough, a gem that simply hasn't been polished enough to reveal its true brilliance.

However unremarkable your experience may seem to you, it has somehow brought to light a message that you are passionate about sharing. If your experience has had that kind of effect on you, then it also has the potential to impact anyone else who can relate to your experience. You simply need to transform your experience into a standout story that highlights your message and resonates with the people you most want to reach.

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What all can you achieve with a compelling personal story?

Throughout my career, personal storytelling has been a major impetus to my greatest successes. By sharing personal stories that connected, I've won a Toastmasters district speech contest, attracted numerous coaching clients from speaking to groups and networking with individuals, written a motivational and educational book based on my story, and quickly sold hundreds of copies of that book, largely through the power of my story.

As a professional speaking coach, I've also helped many other individuals to transform their personal experience into high-impact stories. These standout storytellers have included a Fortune 500 executive who was the top-rated speaker at his company's annual marketing meeting, a leadership consultant whose core story helped her to land a $50,000 consulting contract, and many other independent professionals who used their personal stories to position themselves as experts and help launch or grow their businesses. All of this has provided the fuel for my transformational coaching program called Standout Storytelling.

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Standout Storytelling will show you:

  • How to command attention from the start
  • How to structure your story for maximum impact
  • How to ensure that your listeners "get" your main point on both an intellectual and emotional level
  • How to bypass your audience members' resistance to your message
  • How to use your voice to give added impact to your words
  • How to artfully use language to connect with your listeners
  • How to make the best use of a dramatic pause
  • How to use body language to enhance your communication power
  • How to make the best use of the stage to bring your story to life

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You will also learn:

  • How to use storytelling to create and deepen a bond with your listeners.
  • How to get people excited about what you have to share.
  • How to use a story to build your credibility.
  • How to make your story a vehicle for reframing limiting beliefs.
  • How to prime your listeners' minds to embrace your message.
  • How to move your audience members to action.

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 What's so special about small group coaching?

  • You will receive personalized attention from a professional speaking coach. Because the program is limited to 3 participants, there will be plenty of time for you to receive the professional guidance you need to take your story and your speaking skills to the next level.
  • You will learn by doing. By actually applying what you learn, you will integrate the learning on the spot. This will not only increase the impact of your story but will enable you to walk away with skills and insights you can use in future stories.
  • You will benefit from hearing other experienced speakers share their stories and receive targeted suggestions for improvement. This will enable you to both model their storytelling strengths and apply the feedback they receive to increase the impact of your story.
  • You will build relationships with other experienced speaking professionals. These relationships can be source of ongoing support and may even open up future speaking opportunities for you.
  • You will accelerate the whole process of developing a high-impact, personal story that motivates people to embrace your message and/or get excited about what you have to offer. You will be immersed in a supportive environment designed to quickly transform your story from good to great.

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What are the core elements of this program?

  • You will be guided to identify or clarify the personal story that has the greatest potential to create the impact that you want.
  • You will discover how to refine your draft story and its core message to align with the values, beliefs, and mindset of your specific target audience.
  • You will learn fundamentals of story development and delivery.
  • You will have opportunities to share your story, receive helpful feedback, and play with different possibilities for taking your story and your presentation skills to new heights.
  • You will bring your story to life through a series of 3 story development teleclasses and a live skill-building workshop.

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What results can you expect?

You will quickly transform a rough story or story idea into an effective vehicle for educating, illuminating, and influencing your target audience. Whether your main objective is to attract ideal clients or supporters, inspire positive change in your organization, or highlight a message you are passionate about sharing, you will walk away with a compelling story to help you achieve what you want.

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What's your first step?

Schedule a phone call with me to discuss your specific communication objectives and challenges, as well as any stories or story ideas you'd like to develop. If we both agree that Standout Storytelling is a good fit for you, I'll provide you with logistical details and timing of the next program and how you can hold your spot.

To see about scheduling our initial phone conversation, contact me at: [email protected].

- Sam Wieder

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