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Marketing Workshops and Speeches with an Inspirational Edge

What do you get when you
cross a marketing speaker with
 a performance coach?

A marketing speaker who not only shows you
what you need to do to attract more clients
but inspires you to actually do it.

Tired of marketing speakers who either lack substance or bury you in more information than you can handle? In the one case, you walk away feeling short-changed. In the other, you are so overwhelmed that you don't know where to even begin to apply what you just heard.

How much more could you gain from a speaker who not only shares ideas you can use but also primes you to put them into action?  This question has guided me in developing marketing workshops and speeches designed to help professionals both absorb and implement ideas that will boost their business.

As a marketing speaker, I of course deliver the practical, business-building tactics you expect. As a marketing performance coach, however, I also bring to my audiences the kind of expertise not commonly found among marketing experts: a background in moving professionals beyond their resistance to putting marketing into action.

Check out my motivational marketing workshops and speeches below and read how past participants have benefited. While I am primarily a Pittsburgh speaker, addressing groups in western Pennsylvania, I will travel to other states to speak to select groups or organizations.
If you think that one of the programs below would be of interest to your group and want to discuss scheduling it for your next meeting or event, please contact me. 

Marketing Workshops and Signature Speeches of Pittsburgh Speaker and Performance Coach Sam Wieder

From Stuck to Unstoppable
How to Get Your Marketing in Motion and Keep the Clients Coming

Quick-Start Networking
How to Launch Business-Building Relationships Faster Than You Thought Possible

Speak and Win Clients
How to Give a Showcase Speech that Brings You Business

From Stuck to Unstoppable

How to Get Your Marketing in Motion
and Keep the Clients Coming

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to marketing your services? You've attended one marketing workshop after another. You've read your share of marketing books and articles. Yet nothing you do to market yourself seems to attract the number and kind of clients that you want. And maybe it is a real struggle to get yourself to make marketing a consistent part of your routine.

Discover how to free yourself from your marketing struggles and master the mindset you need to attract your ideal clients. Learn how to harness your mind power to transform marketing from a chore into an easy, natural, and exciting part of your business life. Find out what it really takes to market yourself with confidence.

You will discover how to:

  • Command the power of clarity to attract the clients that you want.
  • Shift the 3 biggest beliefs that make marketing a struggle.
  • Tap into the inner motivation that will empower you to take consistent steps toward growing your business.
  • Eliminate your resistance to marketing yourself with confidence.
  • Make time for marketing - no matter how busy you are.
  • View marketing in a way that excites you about doing it.
  • Build unstoppable momentum toward attracting a steady flow of the clients you serve best.

This program is available as either a luncheon/dinner presentation or as a workshop.

Comments from Attendees of Sam Wieder's Motivational Presentations

You have such presence and poise in front of an audience!  After your program, a friend and I sang your praises on the way to the parking lot - your authenticity, energy, wisdom, obvious joy when we "got" it.  You are a truly engaging speaker and I would say more great things about you but I am running to catch a plane!

Maureen Murray, Professional Speaker and Trainer
Maureen Murray Associates

Thank you, Sam, for your wonderful speech.  You have a magnificent talent for helping people discover the secrets of their own potential.

Angela Rose-O'Brien, Publisher
Inspiring Times

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Quick-Start Networking

How to Launch Business-Building Relationships
Faster Than You Thought Possible

How long does it take you to launch a relationship that leads to new business? If you're like most people on the networking scene, it may seem as if it takes forever. You attend one networking event after another, make a lot of great contacts, and collect dozens of business cards.  Yet little or nothing comes from all of your networking efforts.
The good news is that there is an easier and more effective way to network.  You don't need to be a brilliant conversationalist or even a natural extrovert.  All it really takes is a little preparation, the right approach, and a simple shift in the mindset that you bring to the networking game.  Learn how you can bring all of this together to launch profitable networking relationships faster than you may have thought possible.
You will learn how to:

  • Embrace a mindset that will double your networking confidence.
  • Start a conversation that lays the groundwork for a business-building relationship.
  • Ask questions that lay the groundwork for a profitable relationship.
  • Make yourself more memorable than 90% of those on the networking scene.
  • Create a feeling of connection with people you meet for the first time.
  • Speed up the networking process while establishing a foundation of trust.
  • Follow up in a way that turns a contact into a relationship.
  • Use a simple, repeatable process to make profitable networking a way of life.

This program is available as either a luncheon/dinner presentation or as a workshop.

Comments from Program Participants

I loved your networking program!  But most of all I enjoyed you. You were thorough, articulate and just downright good!  I have been networking most of my life. Many people still don't understand the concept, but with your help, they will soon learn.

Betty Sarver, Owner, Enterprise Specialties

What a great networking presentation!  I haven't done much networking. And, thanks to you, I now know why. It was always just an experience of ineffective chit-chat and swapping business cards. No meaningful dialog.  After experimenting with your approach yesterday, I can now see how to make a more powerful connection with a "prospect" and create a higher ratio of networking-to-new business opportunities.

John Morlan, Executive Coach

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Speak and Win Clients

How to Give a Showcase Speech that Brings You Business

Are you a coach, consultant, or service professional who is frustrated by how long it can take to build your professional reputation and find prospective clients? Then, once you find solid prospects, does it sometimes take a real effort to motivate them to work with you? What if you could eliminate much of the time and effort from this whole process? How much easier would it be to grow your business?

Discover the secrets to an approach you can use to more easily open the door to new business. Learn how to attract clients by giving speeches to business and professional groups. If you've ever tried this marketing approach, you know that it's not enough to simply give a good speech. You need to somehow get the best prospects in your audience to see the value of hiring you. Plus you need to know how to use a speech to launch a relationship with prospects you can later cultivate into clients. Learn all of this and more as professional marketing and speaking coach Sam Wieder shows you how to speak and win clients.
You will learn how to:

  • Identify your best target audiences.
  • Create a talk that delivers solid value to your listeners.
  • Establish yourself as a credible expert in your field.
  • Sell the value of your services without making a blatant sales pitch.
  • Win people's confidence in you and your services.
  • Meet your prospects' 6 key criteria for hiring you.
  • Use a speech to launch a relationship with potential clients.
  • Motivate and inspire your best prospects to approach you.

Comments from Program Participants

Thank you for this top-notch program that was packed with excellent tips for any professional who wants to discover what it really takes to attract clients through public speaking. Aside from you great content, you clearly showed how to put everyone at ease, introduce natural humor along the way, and establish rapport with your listeners. I was especially impressed with your demonstration of how to interact with a group member to make a point, while subtly highlighting your professional expertise. I can't wait to start applying what I learned in my next presentation.

Karen Litzinger
 Litzinger Career Consulting

Sam always delivers great content in an enjoyable way. His ability to engage the audience and actually demonstrate what he is talking about is the mark of a true professional. This, in fact, is his real strength in his Speak and Win Clients workshop. He not only explains how any professional can give a speech that will attract clients, he models what he teaches so you can see his approach in action.

David Goldman
The Goldman Organization

Sam Wieder's Speak and Win Clients program will benefit any professional who wants to use public speaking to attract new clients.  In this clear, compelling program, Sam teaches and demonstrates the essential techniques needed to structure and deliver a presentation that offers solid value to your audience, while you showcase yourself as a professional that your best prospects will be eager to hire.  What's more, his easy-to-follow teaching style, combined with his warmth, wit and sincerity, make learning from him a real pleasure.

Maria Berdusco
Author of How to Think Like a Leader

The thing I liked best about Sam's program was that there was not one wasted word or superfluous example; everything in his presentation took the audience step-by-step down the path to understanding exactly what they must do in order to speak and win clients. I walked out of the room fully confident that I would be able to follow his excellent template for success.

Chris Posti
Executive Coach, Outplacement Consultant, and Author

Thank you for reviewing this information about my programs on confident marketing, effective networking, and attracting clients through public speaking.  To discuss scheduling one of these programs for your next meeting or event, please contact me.

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