Commanding Confidence
Marketing Coaching for Consultants and Coaches
Who Want to Command the Confidence to Win Clients

Speak and Win Clients

Have you heard that public speaking
is one of the most powerful ways
of promoting your business
but have yet to figure out
how to make it work for you?

Let a marketing-minded
public speaking coach show you
what it really takes to attract clients through public speaking.

Harness the marketing power of public speaking.

  • Are you a coach, consultant, or service professional who wants to attract clients through public speaking?
  • Are you an expert or specialist who wants to boost your professional visibility by giving speeches or workshops at industry conferences and conventions?
  • Are you a professional speaker who wants to add greater impact to your presentations and open the door to even more spin-off business?

As an experienced public speaking coach who has worked with individuals in all of the above categories, I can tell you that effective public speaking requires both preparation and skill.  You need to figure out what to say and how to say it.  You need to understand how to hold the attention and interest of your audience.  You need to connect with both the mind and heart of your listeners.
What's more, to attract clients through public speaking, it is not enough to simply speak well.  You need to put yourself in front of the right audiences.  You need to know how to present and position yourself as an expert.  You need to know how to spark the interest of prospective clients and motivate them to step forward.
Many public speaking coaching programs can help you learn the basics of how to organize and present your ideas.  But if you're also looking to launch a relationship with audience members who are prospective clients, you need something more.

Learn to attract clients through public speaking with marketing-focused public speaking coaching.

With the right guidance, you can soon command the public speaking skills needed to attract clients and boost your professional visibility. 
As your public speaking coach, I will bring to you the insights I've gained from over 25 years of public speaking experience and evaluating hundreds of speakers.  Adding my expertise as a performance coach and marketing strategist, I will help you learn to not only speak with confidence and credibility but to turn a speech into a business-building opportunity.

First, we'll lay a solid foundation for your
public speaking success.

We begin by clarifying your presentation objectives.  You may have a good sense of the main message you want to convey to your audience.  Beyond that, though, what all are you looking to achieve with your presentation?  By working with you to identify these underlying objectives, I will help you gain the clarity you need to both craft an effective presentation and maximize your audience impact.
We will next define and analyze your target audience.  Have you ever spoken to a group only to be met with blank stares, grimaces, or even hostility?  One possible reason for these responses is that you didn't prepare your talk with your audience in mind.  To help you guard against this happening again, I will work with you to fully analyze your target audience so you'll be ready to tailor your talk to best connect with your listeners.

Next we'll develop the showcase speech that will be the heart of your public speaking marketing strategy.

I will work with you to determine the best content and structure for your presentation.  If you are starting from scratch, we will brainstorm topic and content possibilities and I will suggest how you might structure your talk for maximum impact.  If you have an existing presentation you would like to fine-tune, I will review and evaluate it and suggest improvements.
I will then work with you to develop your content to help you most powerfully engage your listeners.  While a typical public speaking coach might just give you general advice on content development, I will draw upon my marketing expertise to help you transform your speech into an effective marketing vehicle.  My focus will be to help you give your listeners the sense that you not only understand their challenges but are a credible expert who can help achieve something they really want.

We'll then sharpen your public speaking skills.

You will present one or more "dry runs" of your whole presentation or sections that need special attention.  (Or you can send me video recordings to evaluate.)  Based upon what I see and hear as your public speaking coach, I will offer you feedback on how you can improve your delivery.  My suggestions could be in such areas as voice use, pausing for effect, body language, and use of the stage.  If at some point, you would like me to evaluate you presenting to a live group, I can also offer additional feedback to help you improve your ability to better engage your audience.
We will also address your most pressing pubic speaking challenges.  This might involve improving your ability to answer audience questions, handle disruptive audience members, or recapture your listeners' attention when you sense they are drifting.  This could also include helping you learn to free yourself from notes, be more conversational, and adapt or shorten your presentation on the spot when the circumstances call for it.

We'll prepare you mentally and physically for
public speaking success.

You will learn tactics you can apply before you speak to be physically and mentally ready to perform at your best.  You'll know just what to do to ensure that your voice is ready, your energy is high, and you are prepared to present with power.  If certain public speaking situations cause you to feel anxious or uneasy, I can work with you to dissolve your discomfort and command the confidence you need to perform at your peak.
I will also work with you to address the logistics that will enable you to give the best possible presentation.  What meeting room set-up will best support the needs of your presentation?  What specific requirements do you need to communicate to meeting planners?  How can you adapt your presentation to different room arrangements?  We will address questions such as these to ensure that you know just what is needed to create an environment that best supports your public speaking success.

We can also give your public speaking efforts more marketing muscle.

I can work with you to develop the tools you need to land the most profitable speaking engagements and position yourself as an expert from the start.  These might include an attention-grabbing speech title, a compelling speech description, and a speaker's bio that establishes your expertise.  I can also help you prepare a speech introduction that your introducer can read to effectively prime your listeners for your presentation and get them to see you as an expert before you even say your first word.
I can also help you develop the tools and approaches you need to launch a relationship with audience members who are solid prospects for your services.  We might create a feedback card that your hottest prospects will actually complete and return.  I can help you fine-tune an effective, repeatable process to motivate your audience members to give you their contact information.  I can also work with you to create a follow-up approach that builds your credibility and fans their interest in your services.

What kinds of results can you expect?

You can expect to develop a rapport-building presentation that:

  • Delivers solid value to your listeners.
  • Establishes you as a credible expert in your field.
  • Sells the value of working with you (without coming across as a sales pitch).

You can expect to develop the public speaking skills you need to:

  • Interest and engage your listeners.
  • Connect with people both intellectually and emotionally.
  • Drive home your message.

You can expect to command the confidence you need to:

  • Feel relaxed and resourceful when you're in the spotlight.
  • Overcome any challenges that surface while you are speaking.
  • Inspire people's trust in you.

You can expect to develop the tools and approaches you need to:

  • Land speaking engagements with your ideal target audiences.
  • Motivate your best prospects in any audience to step forward.
  • Cultivate profitable relationships with prospects you gain from
    public speaking.

What is your investment for public speaking coaching?

Your investment and the coaching time required depends on your particular needs, your current level of public speaking experience and skill, and how we work together.  Our work, for instance, might involve in-person coaching, telephone coaching, email contact and feedback, video recording evaluation, and live presentation evaluation. While I offer live coaching and speech evaluation to clients in the Pittsburgh, PA area, I can easily work over the phone and Internet to coach clients almost anywhere.
After I talk with you and learn what you are looking to achieve, I'll be able to give you an idea of what fees and time commitment would be involved in working with you.  To let me know about your specific needs and speaking objectives, please contact me to set up a free initial phone consultation.

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