Commanding Confidence
Marketing Coaching for Consultants and Coaches
Who Want to Command the Confidence to Win Clients

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Communication Coaching For Consultants and Other Self-Employed Professionals

Do you love your profession but dread marketing or
struggle to find a marketing strategy that really works?

How fast would your business grow
if you could remove the misery
and the mystery from marketing?

Discover a marketing strategy that works.

If you're not now attracting all the clients you want, it is most likely due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • You are not communicating with your prospects in a way that attracts their interest or motivates them to want to work with you.
  • You lack a reliable marketing strategy.
  • You are not consistently taking the steps needed to find prospects and cultivate them into clients.

If any of these challenges sound familiar, you're not alone.  You're like many other self-employed professionals who love what they do but find marketing to be either a mystery or a chore.  If you lack a marketing strategy that enables you to consistently find, engage and cultivate your prospects, you may feel as if you are searching for new clients in the dark.  And if marketing seems too difficult from the start, chances are that you just won't give it the time and effort needed to make it work.
Even if you have a marketing strategy and are doing your best to implement it, you may wonder why you're just not attracting the number of new clients that you want.  Marketing, by its very nature, is a process of trial and error.  But if you're not trying the right things or learning what you most need to learn from your errors, marketing can be like a huge vacuum cleaner.  It just sucks up your time and money, while doing little or nothing to grow your business.
How, then, can you shorten your learning process, power up your marketing communication efforts, and create a reliable marketing strategy that works?

Start to systematically cultivate new clients with the help of Marketing Strategy Coaching.

How quickly could you create an effective marketing strategy if you had a clear understanding of what it really takes to attract clients?  As your marketing coach, this is the type of insight I will bring to you.  Drawing on my experience in helping hundreds of others bring their marketing into focus, I will work with you to power up your marketing communication efforts and guide you in fine-tuning a marketing strategy that produces the results you want.

We begin by laying a foundation for your marketing strategy.

We will first work together to more clearly define your ideal clients. You probably already have at least a general sense of who is a good prospect for your services.  We will work, however, to define your best prospects even more clearly and specifically.  This will enable you to focus on your most profitable prospects and will provide valuable clues as to what you need to do to most easily attract them.
We will then look at what you really offer that would drive your ideal prospects to want to work with you.  You undoubtedly know how you help your clients.  But what are the deeper level benefits or results that you deliver?  And what would motivate your ideal prospect to want to work with you in particular?  By uncovering the answers to these questions, we will give you the clarity you need to connect with your hottest prospects and design a marketing communication strategy that works.

Next we will develop a key component of your marketing strategy: your core marketing message.

As a starting point, I will help you summarize your business in a positioning statement that is clear, concise, and compelling.  Our objective will be to create a simple statement that will attract the attention and interest of your ideal prospect.  This will not only give you an effective way to introduce your business but will provide you with the clear focus you need to develop the rest of your marketing message.
We will then identify the other kinds of information you need to communicate to your ideal prospects in order to cultivate them into clients.  We will refine this information into marketing communication building blocks.  I will then show you how to structure your core marketing message to effectively engage your best prospects.

We will then fine-tune your marketing tools and tactics.

I will evaluate your current marketing communication tools and suggest improvements.  This might involve fine-tuning your brochure or web site.  It may mean working with you to improve a presentation to showcase you and your services.  It could also involve working with you to develop a needed marketing tool or recommending another professional who can help.
I will also evaluate your current marketing tactics or approaches and work with you to improve their effectiveness.  This might involve helping you to learn to more easily establish business-building relationships, stay connected to referral sources, create a set of power questions to better engage your prospects in a marketing conversation, or make the best use of your marketing communication tools.  I may also recommend that you abandon an approach that just isn't a good fit for you or add another that is.

We will customize a marketing strategy for you. 

We will work together to help you develop an overall marketing strategy to guide you in consistently putting your marketing approaches into action.  Having solid marketing communication tools and approaches is a good start.  But to produce the results that you want, you also need to find a way to make marketing a part of your normal routine.  To help you do this, we will establish benchmarks to keep you on track and a system for integrating all of your marketing activities into a regular schedule.
Your marketing strategy will combine different ways of helping you to steadily cultivate business-building relationships.  Thinking strategically, we will create a repeatable process you can implement to attract ideal clients.  Within your game plan, we will include marketing activities that feed one another to make it as easy as possible to generate the steady flow of clients that you want.

I can also help you develop the skills and mindset you need to successfully implement your marketing strategy.

If you're not sure how to execute certain marketing tactics, I can work with you to build the needed skills.  This might include coaching you on how to deliver a showcase presentation with greater impact or working with you to present your services more effectively in a marketing conversation.  It might also involve honing your skills in initiating a networking conversation or following up with hot prospects.
If you get stuck in implementing any part of your marketing strategy, I can help you work through your resistance to taking action.  If you feel anxious when talking about your business, I will work with you so that you are able to sell yourself with confidence.  If you struggle to make the time to engage in marketing activities, I will help you shift your thinking so that marketing is a priority.  As a result, you will not only know what to do to attract the clients that you want, you will be in the frame of mind to do it.

What kinds of results can you expect?

Marketing Strategy Coaching will help you to create and refine a client-cultivating system comprised of:

Repeatable marketing tactics that enable you to find prospects and cultivate them into clients.  You'll no longer waste time trying to figure out what to do next.  Armed with clear plans, you will know just what you need to do to regularly put your marketing tactics into action.

A strategic marketing game plan that provides a framework for applying your marketing tactics.  This will help you identify the mix of marketing tactics that will work best for you and clarify the level of marketing activity you need to sustain or grow your business.

Measurement systems to help keep you on track toward your marketing goals.  Measuring your results will help you identify what is working, what could be working better, and where it may be helpful to adjust your marketing tactics or approaches.  Tracking your activity can also help you stay focused on what you need to do consistently to move your marketing forward.

Marketing Strategy Coaching will boost your marketing ability with:

Marketing messages that command the attention and interest of your ideal prospects, distinguish you from your competitors, and establish your credibility as a professional who can deliver outstanding results.

The skills you need to successfully apply the marketing tactics most likely to achieve the best results for you.  You'll not only know what to do to make your marketing work, you'll know just how to do it.

The confidence you need to put effective marketing into action.  You will talk about your business with confidence and enthusiasm.  You will consistently take the steps needed to attract a steady flow of clients and may even discover that marketing can be fun.

What is the fee for Marketing Strategy Coaching?

The fees and time required for Marketing Strategy Coaching depend on your particular needs, your current level of marketing experience and skill, and how we work together.  Our work, for instance, might involve in-person coaching, telephone coaching, email contact and feedback, and marketing materials evaluation.  While my business is based near Pittsburgh, PA, I can easily work with clients almost anywhere through telephone and Internet contact.
To let me know about your specific needs and marketing objectives, please contact me to set up a free initial phone consultation.

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