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Confidence-Building Coaching

Are you troubled with procrastination, indecision, performance anxiety, public speaking fear,
concentration problems, writer's block, or overwhelm?

How much more might you achieve
if you could just get out of your own way?

From procrastination to performance anxiety:
where are you stuck?

We all get stuck from time to time.  This is simply the inability to get yourself moving or achieve what you really want.  We give this condition such names as procrastination, indecision, doubt, performance anxiety, fear, frustration, writer's block, or overwhelm.  But whatever you call it, it is characterized in at least one of four different ways:

  1. You feel some way that you don't want to feel.
  2. You're unable to feel the way that you want to feel.
  3. You're unable to stop doing something that you don't want to do.
  4. You struggle to do something that you want to do.

Stuck is not just a state-it's a process.

It is easy to think of "being stuck" as simply an unwanted state of being.  But the truth is that this state is the end result of an unconscious process or pattern in your thinking.  Whether you are gripped by performance anxiety or are feeling overwhelmed by all you have to do, you had to go through a certain series of mental steps to end up feeling that way.  Or if you are putting off an important project, you are, in essence, running an inner procrastination strategy.
When you perform at your best, you are also running natural, unconscious thinking patterns--but ones that produce some very different results.  These high-performance thought patterns empower you to feel confident, focused, resourceful or motivated.  They may even enable you to achieve things that amaze and surprise you.
Ideally, you only run thought patterns that serve you best.  The trouble is that the patterns that cause you to feel stuck are often held in place by your limiting beliefs and triggered by certain cues in your environment.  This is why you can be brimming with confidence in one situation and frozen with performance anxiety or running a procrastination pattern in another.

Get unstuck with Confidence-Building Coaching.

You can get unstuck more quickly than you may have thought possible with the help of Confidence-Building Coaching based on proven neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.  As a certified NLP Trainer and NLP Coach with over 18 years of experience in applying NLP concepts and techniques, I will help you break free from your limiting thought patterns and make the behavioral and life changes that you want.
Whether you want to kick your procrastination habit, overcome public speaking anxiety, or free yourself from the performance anxiety that stops you cold, I will work with you to make that happen.  If you are confused or uncertain about how to make a major decision, I will help you clarify what is most important to you.  If you feel conflicted about your goal, I will also help you resolve any inner conflicts so you can move ahead with your confidence building.

How does Confidence-Building Coaching work?

Each Confidence-Building Coaching session is designed to shift your thinking so that you can automatically respond with greater confidence and resourcefulness in a situation that used to pose a challenge for you.  Based on your responses, I'll have a good sense of how much you have changed right in the session.
The major steps in a typical Confidence-Building Coaching session can be summarized as follows:

We will:

  1. Identify a major block or challenge you want to work through.
  2. Clarify how you want to be different.
  3. Examine the way that you are currently creating your challenge.
  4. Shift the way you think and feel about the challenge that you had.
  5. Help you establish new ways of thinking so that you can automatically respond resourcefully in the situation that used to be a challenge.

You may also be asked to do small tasks between sessions, tasks designed to test our confidence building work and integrate the positive change into your behavior.  Based upon what actually happens out there in the real world, we can then make any needed adjustments in the following session.  My focus, just so you know, is on doing whatever is necessary to help you create a lasting change in your ability to function at a higher level.

What happens after you make a confidence-building breakthrough?

Once you have worked through a block and feel your confidence building, we might then fine-tune the strategy you use to achieve the results you want.  If, for instance, we work to help you overcome public speaking anxiety, we might follow this up with some work to improve your presentation skills.  Or if we help you overcome your tendencies to procrastinate or waste too much time, we might then focus on helping you design an overall strategy to make the best use of your time.
In many cases, you may already know how to do the thing you want to do—you just can't, at times, get yourself to do it.  You may, for example, be able to talk quite effectively about your business in a one-on-one conversation but get tongue-tied when addressing a group.  Or you may have a solid step-by-step marketing strategy laid out but procrastinate in taking the steps.  In such cases, our confidence-building coaching work may be all that is needed to free your abilities and boost your performance.

What kinds of results can you expect?

Confidence-Building Coaching will, at the very least, help you command a new sense of confidence and ease in achieving what you want.  Typically, people come to see me with one or two pressing challenges.  I approach the relationship, however, with a much bigger outcome than "solving a problem."  I focus on answering this question: How can I help shift my clients' thinking to not only empower them to resolve their most pressing problem but to make them the driving force in their life?
Depending on what issues we address in your Confidence-Building Coaching sessions, you can expect to:

  • Connect with your inner source of motivation and sense of purpose.  By getting in touch with why you are doing what you are doing, you will ignite your drive to do what is needed to achieve what you want most.

  • Replace procrastination with consistent action.  If you've developed the procrastination habit, chances are that you have some negative feelings attached to the things you're trying to do.  Your Confidence-Building Coaching work will help you collapse these associations and free your ability to take action.

  • Dissolve creative blocks and get your ideas flowing.  Whether you are tackling a writing project, preparing a speech, or sharing your thoughts with others, your ideas will no longer be bottled up inside of you.  You'll know what it takes to allow your best ideas to pour out of you.
  • Make decisions with a new level of confidence and ease.  You will be able to readily assess the factors relevant to making sound decisions.  You will eliminate old stressful patterns of indecision and feel your decision-making confidence building as you learn to trust your own judgment.
  • Stay calm, centered and on top of your game—even when facing multiple demands on your time and energy.  You will know how to keep everything in perspective, focus on what's right in front of you, and maintain a new sense of control over your life.
  • Free your ability to stay organized so you can easily get things done.  You will efficiently handle all of the paper, email, and stuff pouring into your life.  This, in turn, will clear the path so you can sustain a whole new level of productive flow.
  • Stay focused on what's most important.  Rather than simply doing what seems easy, fun, or most urgent (but not important), you will move through your day making sound intuitive judgment calls about where you should be directing your attention.  Then, after you make these on-the-spot decisions about how best to spend your time, you will follow through and take the needed action.
  • Respond resourcefully when suddenly challenged.  When you are tested or confronted, you will stay cool and make smart choices about what to say or do.  When an unexpected problem or setback disrupts your plans, you will bounce back and do whatever is needed to get back on track.
  • Command relaxed confidence when you want to be at your best.  Whether you are speaking to a group, answering interview questions, presenting a proposal, phoning a prospective client, or making new contacts at a networking event, you will handle yourself with confidence.

What is the fee for Confidence-Building Coaching?

The fee for Confidence-Building Coaching will depend on the nature of your issues and what all you want to address.  Many well-defined issues can be resolved in two or three sessions.  More coaching time will be needed if your main issue is more complex or you have a variety of related issues you would like to address.  Coaching sessions can be conducted either over the phone or in person (for those in the Pittsburgh, PA area who prefer face-to-face meetings).
Once I know where you are stuck and what you are looking to achieve, I'll be able to give you an idea of what fees and time commitment would be involved in working with you.  To let me know about your specific needs and objectives, please contact me to set up a free initial phone consultation.

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