Commanding Confidence
Marketing Coaching for Consultants and Coaches
Who Want to Command the Confidence to Win Clients

How I Work

My Guiding Beliefs About My Clients

When you work with me, I will be guided by these core beliefs about you:

You are here for a reason.  You have certain innate talents that can serve you well.  You also have a purpose that drives and inspires you.  By drawing on your talents and connecting with your sense of purpose, you can make a real difference in the world.

You have the seeds of greatness within you.  Wherever you are now in your life or however you think of yourself, you are much more than that.  You have the potential to do more and be more than you can even imagine.

Your life now is a reflection of your thoughts.  What you think and believe has helped to create your present circumstances and define what is possible for you now.

You can quickly free yourself from the thoughts that hold you back.  You have a tremendous capacity for change.  By making the right shifts in your thinking, you can quickly replace old, limiting thought patterns with ones that propel you to new heights.

If you change your thinking, you will change your life.  Once you free yourself from limiting thoughts and open your mind to new possibilities, your confidence will soar and your whole life will change in some exciting ways.

How We Will Work Together to Achieve What You Want

We will design and tailor a coaching program to best meet your needs and wants.  To begin, we will clarify what all you want to achieve and create a general game plan for achieving it.  Should your needs or objectives change as we move forward, we will make any needed adjustments to ensure that our work continues to be of most value to you.

We will focus in each session on doing what is most needed to keep you moving toward your desired results.  This will keep our work relevant to your needs.

We will work at a pace that best meets your needs.  The number and frequency of your coaching sessions will depend on what all you want achieve, how quickly you want to move, and what works best with your life.  To enable you to make steady progress, we'll naturally need to meet or connect on the phone with some regularity.  Depending on your situation, though, this could be weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.

Your coaching sessions will generally be one of three basic types:

  • Clarity/Focus Sessions - to help you get clear about what is most important to you or what you want to achieve.
  • Strategy/Tactical Sessions - to help you develop and fine-tune your strategy, plans, and approaches.
  • Personal Breakthrough Sessions - to help you work through a block in your thinking that is keeping you from achieving what you want or commanding the confidence to perform at your best.

We will work as partners in achieving your objectives.  I will do all that I can to guide you and help you gain the clarity, confidence, and focus you need to achieve what you want.  But for you to gain maximum benefit from our coaching relationship, you must make our work together a priority.  This means showing up for our sessions on time, taking the action steps you agree to take between sessions to move yourself forward, and coming to each session ready to work with me on your next focus area.

Am I the best coach for you?

Perhaps you know you could benefit from coaching but are unsure of how to select a coach that will best meet your needs.  To give you some points of comparison, here are a few key elements that distinguish me from many other professional coaches:
I specialize in working with independent professionals.  In fact, 80% of my clients fit into this category.  If this describes you, I understand what you're up against.  As an independent professional myself for many years, I've probably experienced just about everything you're going through.  As a coach and mastermind group leader, I've also guided a variety of other professionals through the maze of challenges unique to building a successful professional service business.
I specialize in relationship marketing.  Like many marketing coaches, I can help you sharpen your core marketing message and fine-tune your marketing tools and approaches.  What makes me different, however, is my focus on networking and public speaking: the two most powerful relationship-marketing approaches for professionals. Through years of study, training, experience, and helping others apply these business-building approaches, I've distilled the critical elements that can make them work for you.
I can work with you to not only identify what you need to do to achieve your goals but to help you unleash your ability to do it.  Having a great speech or business introduction is of little value if you lack the confidence to deliver it when you get in front of people.  Having the perfect marketing plan or plan for your day won't help much if you can't get yourself to put it into action.  While many coaches will simply help you figure out what to do, I am trained in techniques to help you free your ability to do it.
I focus on helping you create generative, lasting changes in your thinking and behavior to empower you to perform at a higher level. 
I don't just point you in the right direction and give you a pep talk.  I work with you to create and establish new behavioral patterns that will enable you to more easily achieve what you want. 

To learn specifically how I can work with you to increase your marketing success or command the confidence you need to achieve what you really want, click here.

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