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Thank you for visiting this site.  If you've read about the different Commanding Confidence coaching services, you have a good sense of how I work with clients to increase their confidence, focus, and marketing success.  If you'd now like to explore the possibility of working together, the next step is to set up a time to talk.
Our conversation will serve a couple of purposes.  First, it will give me an opportunity to learn about you and your specific challenges and goals.  This will help me determine the amount of coaching and type of coaching arrangement that will best meet your needs. 
This conversation will also help us both determine if we feel we are a good fit for one another.  If there is a fit, we can then discuss our specific working arrangements and set up a time to get started.
If you'd like to see about having me speak to your organization, we can talk about what you want and how I might best contribute to the success of your meeting.  First, though, please read over my speeches and workshops page to get a better idea of the specific programs I can present for your group.
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