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About Sam Wieder

Life provides a wonderful opportunity to discover your own possibilities.  With this as my credo, I've enjoyed making my life an adventure of discovery.  Even better, through over 25 years of experience in the fields of marketing, communication, and personal development, I've known the excitement and satisfaction of helping many others discover their possibilities as well.

Growing up in the small town of Titusville, PA, I uncovered different clues to my possibilities.  While becoming an Eagle Scout in the Scouting program, I developed an achievement mindset and gained experience in leading and coaching others.  As a sports writer and editor for my high school yearbook, I nurtured my writing ability.  I tasted the excitement of public speaking by acting in my high-school senior class play.  And I learned a lot about how to stay focused and motivated while competing on my high school and college track and cross country teams and later running a marathon.

Fascinated by the ability of great speakers to influence and inspire their listeners, I've long been a serious student of the art of public speaking.  Active in both Toastmasters International and the National Speakers Association for many years, I've given and evaluated hundreds of speeches, won district speech and speech evaluation contests, and learned the finer points of effective speaking from some of the top speaking professionals in the country.  I've also coached a high school speech and debate team, taught college business communication, and once even presented a week-long seminar to an international audience in the Czech Republic.

Through years of practice, I've cultivated the ability to think analytically about marketing.  I first developed this ability in a big way when I earned my MBA in marketing, since a lot of my course work involved analyzing and solving business case problems.  I further honed my critical thinking skills through my 8 years as a marketing analyst, where I evaluated the marketability of over a thousand new product ideas and learned to identify what it takes to successfully market just about anything.

My efforts to fine-tune my own marketing have given me the best real-world education in the art of attracting clients.  Early in my career, when I tried to cold-call my way through two years as an insurance agent, prospecting was a struggle.  So when I later launched my own coaching and training business, I focused on making warm contacts with prospects through networking and public speaking.  While this was certainly a lot more fun than cold calling, I still had a rough time attracting clients.

Finally, through much trial and error and by modeling the successful marketing approaches of other professionals, I pieced together the "warm marketing" puzzle.  I went from coming up empty at countless networking events to consistently making profitable business contacts.  After a long track record of speaking to business groups for only a round of applause and a chicken dinner, I began to regularly launch relationships with audience members that led to business.  After several all-out attempts to promote my public seminars and getting only a few registrants each time, I started to promote programs that each attracted 60 or more registrants.

Excited to share my marketing insights with others, I started leading marketing-focused coaching and mastermind groups.  I worked with professionals to define their ideal clients, identify their competitive advantage, and develop strategies for attracting clients.  I coached them to develop a core marketing message, create credibility-boosting speeches they could give to business groups, and generate business through networking. Building on this experience, I became a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach to bring a proven client-attraction system to professionals who want to grow their business.

While I enjoy coaching my clients to become better speakers and marketers, what I find most rewarding is helping them to become the driving force in their own lives.  As a Certified NLP Coach and Certified Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), I use some of the most effective techniques for helping individuals to replace self-defeating behavior patterns with the confidence, focus, and motivation to achieve what they want most.  Sometimes it only takes a simple shift or two in their thinking to open them to a whole new world of possibility.

What do I do when I'm not coaching, speaking to groups, and expanding my professional knowledge?  I like going for long walks, recording my discoveries in my daily journal, listening to classic American song standards from the big band era, shopping at farmers' markets, and cooking my specialty of the house - Chicken Surprise.

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