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Who Want to Command the Confidence to Win Clients

Coaches, Consultants, Chiropractors,
and Health and Fitness Professionals:

Win Clients Now

Finally, stop struggling with marketing
and start accelerating your ability
to attract the clients you want.

Command the confidence and focus you need
to take your business-building efforts
from stuck to unstoppable.

Marketing your services needn't be an ongoing struggle. But to make the process of attracting your ideal clients an automatic and even fun part of your business, you must have a few key pieces in place:

  1. Clarity: You need to be clear about what to say and do to gain the attention and interest of your ideal prospects and referral sources.
  2. Connection: You need to know how to connect with your ideal prospects in a way that inspires their confidence in you and your services.
  3. Confidence: You need to command confidence in yourself and take consistent action to build relationships that can lead to new business.

Hello, I'm Sam Wieder, owner of Commanding Confidence. As a marketing breakthrough coach, I not only help my clients identify what they need to do to make their marketing work, I help them free their ability to actually do it. And what I've found is that as you master these key elements of clarity, connection, and confidence, you will begin to attract your ideal clients more easily than you may have thought possible.

Since 1993, I've been coaching business people and professionals to boost their inner confidence and communicate with greater impact.
I've coached hundreds to become more persuasive speakers, led numerous marketing mastermind groups, and conducted programs to help professionals attract clients through networking and public speaking.

My focus now is on helping consultants, coaches, and health and fitness professionals to accelerate the whole process of attracting clients or patients. Also, I am most passionate about empowering chiropractors and other natural health professionals to be more dynamic communicators and more effectively motivate people to make their health a priority. If any of this describes you and what you want to do, I invite you to further explore this web site.

A Quick Guide to the Commanding Confidence Web Site:

The information on this site falls into three main categories:

  1. Common Questions - This includes separate pages on who I work with, how I work, who I am, and how you can contact me. (See the menu near the top of this page.)
  2. Speeches and Workshops for business and professional groups and professional service firms seeking programs on effective networking, confidence-building, and attracting clients through public speaking.
  3. Coaching Services - To discover how I can work with you to accelerate your ability to attract your ideal clients, review the complete menu of Commanding Confidence coaching services.

    My major coaching focus areas include:

    Marketing Coaching for consultants and coaches who want to clarify their target market, refine their marketing message, and create an effective strategy for attracting a steady flow of ideal clients.
    Marketing-Focused Speech Coaching for consultants and coaches who want to harness the marketing power of public speaking to boost their visibility, build their bank of warm prospects and attract their ideal clients.
    Confidence Coaching for consultants and coaches who want to sell themselves with greater confidence and overcome their resistance to putting their marketing plans into action.

Whether you take advantage of Commanding Confidence personal coaching or participate in one of my group coaching programs or presentations, you will walk away with an increased ability to attract the clients you serve best.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a free initial phone consultation, please contact me

Win clients now with the help of
this free marketing resource.

Marketing First Aid Kit for Consultants and Coaches

The Marketing First Aid Kit includes:

  1. The Top Ten Reasons that Consultants and Coaches Struggle to Attract Clients (special report)
  2. Win Clients Now - Monthly marketing and confidence-boosting insights to help you accelerate your ability to attract your ideal clients.
  3. Quick-Start Networking: How to Launch Business-Building Relationships with Speed and Confidence
    (7-lesson marketing mini-course)

To request your Marketing First Aid Kit for Consultants and Coaches now, simply enter your first and last name and email address and click on the button below.


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